Creating a two-line page heading

If you want to insert a subtitle or a second heading directly under your page heading, you have to work with a little HTML code. Please follow the steps below carefully. It is recommended that you first try the changes on a test page to ensure that they are what you want.

1. In the Yola Sitebuilder, click on Page in the toolbar and select Page settings.
2. In the Page heading area, insert the following HTML code in the field:

<font color = "# 5dc4d3" face = "Times New Roman" size = "5"> Insert your main heading here </font> < br> <font color = "# 5dc4d3" face = "Times New Roman" size = "3">

3. Insert your subtitle between <font> and </font>. Replace the section "5dc4d3" with the hex value of the desired color.

4. Consider our HTML color code table to use internet-friendly colors.

6. You can change the font by replacing the "Times New Roman" code with the name of another font. You can easily view a list of the possible fonts in the Sitebuilder by clicking on the "A" symbol in the text editing bar.

You can set the font size by changing the values ​​5 and 3 after "size". Numerical values ​​from 1 to 10 are possible. Please note that changing the font size may move your page heading further down in the banner area

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